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Get Instant Access to Dozens of “Done-for-You” Special Diets Including:

  • Paleo & Primal
  • Ketogenic
  • Gluten Free
  • Low FODMAP
  • Weight Loss
  • Candida
  • Elimination & Rotation Diets
  • Thyroid Diet
  • Diabetes Diet
  • Autoimmune Paleo (AIP)
  • Low Glycemic
  • And More...

Discover How a Two-Minute Meal Planning Quiz
Can Transform Your Health, Cut Time in the Kitchen and
Put $1,725 Back in Your Pocket – Starting Today!

Dear Friend,

What if you could plan every home-cooked meal for the next year… in just two minutes?

Imagine never writing another shopping list…

This alone could save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in the coming years.

But that’s not even the most important part, because…

I predict what you are about to discover will also become…

The Best Thing that Ever Happened to Your Health!

I know this is a bold claim… but I’m NOT talking some one-size-fits-all meal plan.

I’m talking about a meal plan 100% customized to YOUR specific needs.

A plan that accounts for your taste preferences… health concerns… allergies and intolerances… and is scaled to the exact number of servings (and appetites) in your family.

A plan that provides the most delicious organic meals – at better-than-drive-through prices – while you spend LESS time in the kitchen than you do today!

And rather than costing you money…

I will show how this will put (at least) $1,725 back in your pocket in the next twelve months!

But before we get to that, please consider this important question…

What Kind of Meal Planner Are You?

You see, if you eat food, you are already a “meal planner.”

The question is whether your plan involves “winging it” from day to day… making the same old recipes over and over… and relying on expensive restaurant food and unhealthy take-out when you need “Plan B.”

Or does your plan create order from chaos… reduce stress in your life… save you time and money… and help you enjoy the very best health?

If you prefer the latter, I have something important to share with you today.

Life is Already Complicated…
(Meal Planning Doesn’t Have to Be)

It can be a huge challenge to create new meal plans and shopping lists week after week – and this goes for even the most organized home cook.

And for those who have to plan around allergies – or follow a “special diet” to address a serious health concern – the effort, knowledge and time commitment can be overwhelming.

This is why I have dedicated my life – and more than 10 years of research and development – to create the world’s most advanced (and easy to use) meal planning program…

In fact, it is so simple that…

TWO MINUTES is all it takes to create your “perfectly personalized” meal plan… filled with delicious (and budget-friendly) meals that you and your family will love!

I will tell you EVERYTHING in just a moment, but first…

Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself…

My name is Kelley Herring…

I’m the Editor of a series of nutrition books published by McGraw Hill. I’m also the founder of a company called Healing Gourmet.

I’ve produced hundreds of articles and more than a dozen books on the power of foods to promote health and protect against disease.

And while my background is nutritional biochemistry, my true passion is translating nutritional science into practical solutions. To that end, I’ve created more than a thousand healing recipes and menus.
You could say that…

I Help Bring the Clinic into the Kitchen

But I haven’t always been a culinary nutrition expert.

My story began with a personal health crisis.

I was in college when a cloud of sickness came over me. My brain was in a fog. I faced crushing fatigue. I was so weak I struggled to get out of bed.

At first, I thought my exhaustion was due to stress and lack of sleep. I often studied past midnight to stay ahead of my pre-medical courses.

Then my symptoms became physical…

My digestive system was in knots. And what began as a scratchy throat, progressed to open sores down my esophagus. I had to use a toxic numbing spray to eat without tears.

And this went on for months.

During this time, I visited eight doctors. Each one gave me a different diagnosis and another prescription… but no relief.

And while my doctors asked dozens of questions, they never asked…

The Most Important Health Question of All…

Once I realized I had no one to count on but myself, I began to focus my research skills on my own body… and the foods I was eating.

This was before information was available online. But I knew I was cutting corners to get through each busy day... and that my diet was not supporting my health.

So I cut out processed and refined foods and quit drinking beer on the weekends.

I began eating whole foods again – like Mom used to make when I lived at home.

Within days, my throat began to heal… my energy soon returned… and my thinking sharpened.

It Wasn’t Long Before I Was Well Again…
Thanks to a Few Simple Changes in my Diet!

Years later, a nutritionally-oriented physician tested me for food allergies and intolerances.

Turns out, I was sensitive to 14 different foods.

I discovered that my diet had damaged my gut. This made my allergies and intolerances worse… eventually leading to autoimmune illness. My own immune system began attacking my body – hence the sores in my throat and crushing fatigue.

This just goes to show that…

We Are All Genetically Unique…
One-Size-Fits-All Does NOT Work
When it Comes to Your Diet!

Of course, you know we all look different on the outside…

But it’s easy to assume we work the same way on the inside. We have the same organs. And our bodies function in the same basic way.

Yet, that’s where the similarity ends…

Your biology and genetics are unique… and so are your dietary requirements. This is why two people can follow the same diet and achieve very different results. It is also why a healthy food for one person… could actually make YOU sick.

Let me give you an example…

  • Oxalates are compounds in spinach, kale and other “superfoods.” Most people break down oxalates in the gut. For others, however, these compounds turn into sharp crystals and can lead to chronic pain, inflammation, oxidative stress and autoimmune disease!

Let that sink in for a moment…

For Some People, Eating Too Much
Spinach and Kale can Cause Disease

A recent study, published in the journal Cell, drives home the point…

Researchers tracked 800 people who consumed 46,898 identical meals. During the study, the scientists measured blood, hormonal and other responses to each meal.

They discovered “extreme variability” in the reactions the subjects experienced.

In the words of the leading scientist…

“Individuals often had Completely Opposite
Responses to the Same Food.”

And what solution did the researchers recommend?

“Personalized Diets”

This was the same realization I had when I discovered what made me so sick.

I was thrilled to know that the cause – and the cure – was on my plate.

But I had no idea how difficult it would be to create and plan MY perfect diet.

This Might Sound Strange from Someone Who Has
Created More than a Thousand Recipes, but
I Really Struggled with Meal Planning…

I was totally committed to eating healthy… but the planning felt like a job!

First, I had to find recipes I liked. Then modify the ingredients to meet my needs. Do the math for the correct number of servings. Decide when to cook which recipes.

And then turn everything into a shopping list for the week.

Of course, I still made extra trips to the store for items I forgot to list. And who knows how much money I wasted on foods I didn’t have a plan for… or recipes that didn’t use all the ingredients I purchased.

I needed a system to save time and money and take the guesswork out of meal planning.

But that’s not all I was looking for.

Here are a few criteria of what I consider to be…

The Perfect Meal Planning System

  • HEALTH FOCUSED: A lot of meal plans claim to save you time and money. But they also include processed foods, sugar-laden recipes, gluten, unhealthy fats, GMOs and other harmful ingredients. I want to save time and money… AND eat the healthiest foods!
  • PERSONALIZED: We all have unique dietary needs and personal tastes. So, why should your meal plan be the same as everyone else? I want a plan that removes the ingredients my family can’t eat… and the ones we just don’t like.
  • SCALED: A meal plan should save you time. But if you have to multiply or divide the ingredients in every recipe to get the correct servings, that’s a LOT of work! The perfect plan scales every recipe to the number of servings YOU need.
  • SPECIAL DIETS: Dozens of dietary protocols are PROVEN to prevent – and even cure – a range of health conditions. The perfect meal planning system makes it easy (and delicious) to follow any special diet… and make changes to your plan at any time.
  • NUTRITION INFORMATION: The perfect meal planning system provides COMPLETE nutrition information… and tracks exactly what you’re getting from your diet. This is important, because 92% of Americans don’t even get the basics set by the USDA.
  • EASY, DELICIOUS & BUDGET FRIENDLY: What good is a plan with extensive shopping lists, difficult recipes and no consideration of cost? The perfect meal plan features healthy, delicious meals that are easy to prepare… and easy on the wallet!

I probably don’t have to tell you, but the “perfect meal planning system” didn’t exist.

Around that time, I talked to a man whose wisdom I respect. It was one of those “What should I do with my life?” conversations young people sometimes have with a mentor.

He knew I had a deep understanding of nutrition… a passion for food and cooking… an entrepreneurial spirit… and a sincere desire help people like you achieve your best health!

As we talked, he asked…

The Question that Changed My Life and…
The Reason I’m Writing You Today…

His question was simple, yet profound.

He asked:

“What challenges have you experienced in your life…
That you would like to help others avoid or get through faster?”

I immediately recalled how hopeless I felt when I was sick…

When I couldn’t swallow without tears or eat without stomach pain… and when doctor after doctor said, “I’m sorry, but I don’t think I can help you.”

I recalled how happy I was to discover the healing power of foods… and to finally feel well again.

And I remembered how time consuming and difficult it was to plan meals, week after week.

I thought about it for a minute. Then I told my mentor that…

I was going to build a program to help YOU create the perfect custom meal plan for YOUR family – in a matter of minutes – with a few simple clicks.

I had no idea how I would accomplish it, but I went home that night and set out to build…

The Most Comprehensive (and Easy to Use)
Meal Planning Program Ever Created…

In a moment, I will show you EXACTLY how the program works.

You’ll discover how it can help you use healing foods and “metabolic power ingredients” to achieve your best health and program your genes to burn fat!

You’ll also discover how two minutes on the computer today could save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in the months and years to come.

But first, please consider a few questions.

You’ll also discover how two minutes on the computer today could save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in the months and years to come.

But first, please consider a few questions.


  • Feel stressed because you don’t know “What’s for dinner?”
  • Feel guilty about the foods you feed your family?
  • Feel confused about what to eat… and what to avoid?
  • Feel bored eating the same meals week after week?
  • Grab takeout because you don’t have a plan for dinner?
  • Make extra grocery trips because you forgot something… 
or didn't buy enough?
  • Throw away food that has gone bad?

If you answered YES to any of these questions… you need a meal plan.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are something we all do every day. Yet, with a busy schedule and never-ending to-do list, planning healthy meals is often the last thing on our mind.

But without a plan, your health will suffer… you will spend more time in the kitchen… make more trips to the store… and waste a significant portion of the food you buy.

In fact, if you look in your fridge right now I bet you will see…

  • Wilting vegetables begging to be eaten
  • Leftovers turning into a biology experiment and
  • Piles of unidentified bags in the freezer collecting freezer burn.

These foods will probably never make it to your dinner table. It’s no wonder the average family of four wastes $1,500 a year on food that’s never eaten.

So, my first goal was to create…

A Program to Help You Save Money and
Spend Less Time Planning, Shopping & Cooking…

Most of us have a shelf full of cookbooks… access to thousands of recipes online… and no plan for what to eat one day to the next.

We scribble shopping lists on scraps of paper. We decide what to cook as we wander the store. We buy things we don’t need (and forget to buy what we do need). And still, we stare into the fridge or pantry and wonder… What’s for dinner?

I know, because that was my stressful life at one time.

“Making-it-up-as-you-go-along” is no way to eat healthy. And if you or someone you love has a dietary restriction, you do not have the luxury to “wing it.”

Not to mention, it costs a LOT more than you think to be unprepared.

When you add the cost of dining out (because you don’t have a plan)… extra time and trips to the store… unnecessary impulse buys… and wasted food…

The Average Family of Four Could
Save $3,450 Each Year with the Right Meal Plan!

I’ll show you how that breaks down in a moment.

But imagine what you could do with an extra few thousand dollars every year.

You could take a nice vacation… make extra mortgage or rent payments… put that money into savings or pay off debt. And the best part is you don’t have to do anything extra.

In fact, you’ll be doing less!

Less worry… less waste… less shopping… less searching for recipes… and a lot less stress!

And when you do go out for dinner, it will be for enjoyment and because it’s in the plan – not because you don’t have one.

The right meal plan will save you money and make life easier. And that’s only the beginning of the benefits you’ll experience, because…

Scientific Studies Prove
Meal Planning is the Key to Health!

  • JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH & NUTRITION: “Individuals who employ food planning strategies eat healthier diets compared to those who purchase and prepare foods on impulse.”
  • DIABETES CARE: The number one behavior associated with clinically significant reductions in diabetes markers is “adherence to a prescribed meal and snack plan.”
  • AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PREVENTIVE MEDICINE: The greatest indicator of diet quality (and health) is how much time you spend planning meals and preparing food at home.
  • JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION: “The clinical benefits of a meal plan demonstrate significant improvement in cardiovascular risk, quality of life, dietary compliance and nutritional adequacy.”

No matter what your goals are when it comes to your health (and your weight)… planning meals in advance GREATLY improves your odds of success!

Of course, that’s easier said than done.

It takes serious time and discipline to create your own meal plan. And it’s even more difficult if you – or someone you love – follow a special dietary protocol.

That is why I set out to create…

A Marriage of Technology & Culinary Creativity where…
Personalized Nutrition & Delicious Recipes Meet

More than 10 years ago, I dreamed of using technology to translate complex dietary prescriptions into practical solutions.

I wanted to bring nutritional science into the kitchen… and make it easy (and delicious) to follow even the strictest dietary protocol.

I wanted to create a program to deliver custom meal plans… filled with mouthwatering recipes that deliver as much taste as they do nutrition.

And personalized to your EXACT needs!

The Result is a Program Where…

…Are Categorized into Dozens of Databases and
Organized into Tens of Thousands of Records

But that’s only the foundation…

You see, in today’s information age… the LAST thing you need is more information.

Only when “information” is turned into personal recommendations and practical solutions does it have the value to improve your life.

That is why I spent years connecting reams of scientific studies with foods, nutrients and recipes… and transforming dietary healing protocols into thousands of “if/then” relationships to create complex nutritional algorithms.

I wish I could say it was easy, but the truth is that this has been…

The Most Difficult Thing I Have Ever Accomplished

You see, I’m not a computer programmer. And I haven’t accepted a penny of outside funding for this project (even though my bank account was overdrawn when I began).

I initially believed it would take two years… it has taken a decade.

I can’t tell you the tears I’ve cried or the number of times I just wanted to quit. What kept me going was the knowledge that my creation could help people just like you.

My motivation was messages like this one, from Danielle in Florida:

“For two years, I faced one mystery illness after another. I could hardly work. My relationships suffered. I couldn’t even remember what “normal” felt like. I wasn’t even sure I wanted to live, if that’s what my life was going to be.

“Recently, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I’m so relieved to know what’s causing my illness and I’m excited to know the thyroid diet can be so effective. But I’ve never eaten this way and I have no idea how to start or where to begin.”

Or this email, from Stacey in Texas:

“I have two children with allergies. My husband and I both work. We want to eat healthy, but it’s all I can do to get dinner on the table. Sometimes, I make different meals for the kids, because they can’t eat what we’re having.

“If I had a plan that provided easy recipes that work for everyone and a simple shopping list, it would make my life in the kitchen so much easier.”

If you’ve ever felt this way – or if you simply want to save time and money while putting healthier meals on the table – you’re going to love what I’ve cooked up for you!

It’s called…

I’ve described the depth this program for one reason… I want you to understand the concern and dedication it took to create. It is truly a state-of-the-art personalized meal planning tool.

But if Meal Genius were difficult to use, then my efforts would be for nothing.

Creating this program was COMPLEX FOR ME...
So that it would be EASY FOR YOU!

My number one goal was to remove the time and effort from meal planning… and eliminate the guesswork (and difficulty) of following a special diet.

To do this, I created a simple Meal Plan Personalization Quiz.

It takes just two minutes to complete. Once you click submit… Meal Genius instantly goes to work to create a meal plan with every detail personalized to the specifications YOU select.

So, let me show you…


STEP 1: Are You Savoring Solo…
or Feeding a Family of Five?

Your first step is to tell Meal Genius how many people you’re cooking for, so every recipe is scaled to the correct number of “eaters” in your family.

We also account for the size of each person’s appetite…

You’ll appreciate this detail if you have small children… or if one member of your family eats like a lumberjack while another barely picks at her plate.

If your goal is to lose weight, you can even choose a calorie range… or Meal Genius can calculate the calories you burn and pinpoint exactly what (and how much) you need to eat. And don’t worry about going hungry… you’ll enjoy perfect portions of nutrient-dense meals that satisfy every craving!

The questions in this section ensure that you always buy enough food (and never too much).

It also means no more “kitchen math” to change the number of servings in a recipe… and no more “guesstimating” portions while you’re at the store.

STEP 2: Do You Want to Follow a Special Diet?

Health experts have created nutritional protocols to treat a variety of health conditions. And hundreds of studies prove these science-based diets really work… especially when they are personalized!

Unfortunately, it can be very challenging to follow a “special diet”!

You have to know which foods to eliminate (often there are dozens) and what to add. Some protocols require certain foods to be cooked, uncooked or fermented. Others – like the Ketogenic Diet – call for a specific ratio of protein, fat and carbs.

Who has the time to remember all these rules… not to mention the kitchen know-how to create compliant recipes the whole family will love?

Well, now you don’t have to…

Meal Genius is built to support ANY dietary protocol. Every food is flagged, every nutrient is tracked and every rule is meticulously programmed into the system.

All you have to do is select the special diet you’d like to follow (or none at all, this is optional).

You can even specify a macronutrient ratio (protein, fat, carbs).

Or what if your doctor prescribes a “low-sodium, high-fiber, low-carbohydrate” diet?

No problem… just check the boxes and away you go!

If you don’t understand the some of the pre-programmed Special Diets, don’t worry. We also provide you with free access to our Nutritional Protocols with detailed breakdowns of each one.

Whatever selections you make, you can count on Meal Genius to provide delicious menus that are easy to prepare and support YOUR personal health needs.

That way, you’ll stick with the plan – and get the benefits you deserve!

STEP 3: Are There Any Foods You Want to Exclude?

Does anyone in your family have an allergy or food intolerance?

If so, you’re not alone…

An estimated 15 million people in the United States are living with food allergies. Up to 75% of the population is intolerant to at least one food. And the statistics are similar worldwide.

Whether it’s related to allergies, illness or simply avoiding gluten “for the health of it”… eating with some kind of food restriction has become the norm for most families.

We understand that failing to control a health condition with the proper diet can be dangerous. In fact, millions of people every year pay the ultimate price.

That’s why Meal Genius makes it easy, no matter how many restrictions (or taste preferences) you need to plan for!

In this section, you’ll find an organized list of every food in the system. Simply check off any foods or ingredients you do NOT want in your plan – and that’s it!

Even on the most restrictive diet, you will still enjoy a wide variety of delicious menus… and you’ll never see an offending “trigger” or foods you simply don’t enjoy.

That means you’ll never have to customize recipes or scratch out ingredients in your plan!

STEP 4: Choose Your Cooking & Eating Preferences

Here you will let Meal Genius know which meals to plan and other preferences in the kitchen.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included, but you can customize your plan to meet your exact needs…

Whatever choices you select, Meal Genius allows you to nourish your body the way that suits YOU best!

Of course, you can also choose whether you want recipes in US or Metric measurements.

And you can even tell Meal Genius what equipment is in your kitchen. We believe every home cook should at least have these tools:

  • Pressure cooker
  • Juicer
  • Blender
  • Spiralizer
  • Slow cooker

But if you don’t have one or more of these items, just tick the box… and you’ll never see a recipe that requires that tool!

STEP 5: $ave Money & Simplify Meal Prep

With Meal Genius, you control every aspect of your meal plan… including your weekly food budget.

Our database features the US national average price for every food in the system. This allows us to calculate a price per serving for EVERY recipe and menu in your plan.

That way, you can easily customize your plan to deliver meals that fit YOUR budget!

If you select the highest budget you will still get a wide variety of lower cost menus. But if you choose a lower range, your plan will never include a menu that exceeds your budget setting (though you can manually add any menu to your plan at any time).

Here’s how it breaks down…

    • Meal
    • Thrifty($)
    • Moderate($$)
    • Deluxe($$$)
    • Breakfast Menu
    • $1.50
    • $2.00
    • $2.50
    • Lunch Menu
    • $2.50
    • $3.00
    • $3.50
    • Dinner Menu
    • $3.50
    • $4.00
    • $5.50
    • Max Cost Per Day (Per Person)
    • $7.50
    • $9.00
    • $11.50

Of course, the “average” cost of each meal will be lower than the maximum. And these are adult portions. If you’re feeding children, your cost will be lower still.

If budget is no concern, your plan will pull from ALL recipes, including delicious meals priced a bit higher than what you see above. And you can always browse our “Special Occasion Menus” for nights when you really want to celebrate!

Now, in case you’re wondering…

Here Are the Kind of Dinners You Will
Enjoy in Each Budget Category

  • $2.91 Per Serving
    PALEO CARNITAS with Lime & Avocado
  • $2.29 Per Serving
    PALEO LAMB BURGERS with Tzatziki Sauce
  • $2.24 Per Serving
    PALEO MEATBALLS With Zucchini Noodles
  • $1.66 Per Serving
    THAI-CHICKEN STIR FRY Over Lettuce Wraps
  • $3.67 Per Serving
    with Tzatziki Sauce & Greek Salad
  • $3.57 Per Serving
    PALEO STEAK FAJITAS with Lettuce Wraps & Guacamole
  • $3.75 Per Serving
    SHRIMP TACO WRAPS with Peaches & Avocado-Lime Dressingo
  • $3.68 Per Serving
    WILD SALMON BURGERS with Avocado Aïoli & Sautéed Broccoli
  • $4.29 Per Serving
    CHIKEN KOFTA with Cassava Tortillas
    & Tomato-Olive Salad
  • $4.07 Per Serving
  • $6.96 Per Serving
    PAN-SEARED SEA SCALLOPS with Arugula-Avocado Salad
  • $5.20 Per Serving

As you can see, you can enjoy big flavor and the best of health on a small budget.

And how do these prices compare?

According to the USDA, it costs $950 per month for the average family of four to eat at home. That’s $7.80 a person per day – for the typical nutrient-poor and junk-laden Standard American Diet.

That’s MORE than what you would pay for Gourmet Personalized Nutrition on our “Thrifty” Plan. And even if you choose “Deluxe” – your cost per day is still lower than fast food!

Which Would You Rather Feed
Your Family?

  • This Delicious Day of Gourmet Personalized Nutrition Costs Just $8.50
  • This Destructive Day of Drive-Through Disasters Costs $21.95

With Meal Genius you will enjoy healthy menus at better-than-drive-through prices. And you will never sacrifice flavor (or your health) to enjoy meals on the cheap!

Isn’t it great to know you can fill your plate with nutrition… without breaking the bank?

And because time is money too…

The final question on the Personalization Quiz can really streamline your cooking…

Want to Save Serious Time in the Kitchen?
Cook Twice – Eat Six Meals!

How would you like to put hot-and-healthy dinners on the table – with no cooking most nights?

All you have to do is check the box for Meals Cubed!

If you choose this option, here’s how it works…

  • Your plan will feature two easy-to-prepare “Primary Meals” each week…
  • With enough leftovers to make two NEW “Secondary Meals” the following nights.

That way, you cook just two nights a week – and you still get to enjoy six delicious dinners!

On the remaining day you can cook another meal from your plan… or go out to dinner with the time and money you’ve saved!

Transforming easy recipes into multiple meals saves you hours each week... and puts an end to taste bud boredom!

Here’s a sample of the culinary alchemy you will enjoy…

And everything I’ve described to you today is presented so simply that…

It Just Took Longer to Read about the Quiz
Than it Will for You to Complete It…

The Meal Plan Personalization Quiz features five easy steps. Indicate your answers with a few clicks. And once you’ve made your selections…

There’s one more button to push:

With a final click, Meal Genius instantly goes to work, comparing 1,500+ recipes and menus to the criteria YOU selected!

Within seconds your custom plan is ready – with each beautiful menu presented in daily and weekly calendar formats.

And this is a VERY important distinction from other meal plans…

You might be familiar with programs that require you to “drag-and-drop” recipes into your plan.

To fill each day of the month with breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack, requires you to laboriously search and then PULL 120 meals into your plan. Then you have to do it again the next month!

This is a tedious and time-consuming chore – and we already have enough chores in life!

That’s why Meal Genius automatically PUSHES delicious menus into your plan. We fill your calendar for you. And it’s based on YOUR preferences… so you can be sure to get a plan you love

But that doesn’t mean you can’t make adjustments, because we make it easy to…

Change Your Plan at Any Time…
(And as Often as You Like!)

It’s rare that your schedule is exactly the same week after week.

That’s why we made sure Meal Genius is personalized… and flexible.

Meal Genius will fill your plate with delicious menus that are fast-and-easy to prepare. But there’s a lot more to your daily routine – and your weekly grocery budget – than sit-down meals.

That’s why we also give you the option to…

Replace or Supplement Your Meals from a
Selection of Healthy “Add-Ons”

  • Nourish your body and heal your gut with a daily Bone Broth

  • Replace a meal of snack with a delicious, low-glycemic Smoothie

  • Enjoy multiple servings of vegetables with one healing Green Drink

  • Nourish your body and heal your gut with a daily Bone Broth

  • Replace a meal of snack with a delicious, low-glycemic Smoothie

  • Enjoy multiple servings of vegetables with one healing Green Drink

Each selection is added to your menus to keep track of the nutrients and calories you consume. And your Shopping List is automatically updated, so you’ll remember everything when you go to the store.

And once you’ve finished customizing your plan…

It's Time to Print, Shop & Save!

Meal Genius goes where you go – on your computer, tablet or smart phone – so you can view recipes in the kitchen and take your shopping list to the store (marking off items as you go).

But I believe the best way to stick to your plan is to have a copy you can hold. And we make it easy to convert everything into a concise printer-friendly document, including:

In fact, whether your primary goal is to save money, lose weight or protect your health…

Your Personalized Shopping List is
The Formula You Need for Success!

The average household spends 70 minutes a week at the grocery store (not including drive time). And we make an average of 1.6 trips each week.

We don’t make extra trips because we like grocery shopping. It’s usually because we didn’t have a plan and forgot something we need… or didn’t buy enough.

And if you’ve ever walked in to pick up “a few things” and walked out with an empty wallet, you know those “quick stops” add up!

Studies show each extra trip to the store adds $30 in unplanned expenses. And most of that is for items you don’t need – or junk you shouldn’t eat anyway!

Not to mention, food purchased without a plan often wilts before we use it. Or we make too much and toss the leftovers, once they’ve gone bad.

It’s no wonder the average family of four throws away $1,500 worth of food each year!

But wouldn’t it be better to…

Your Shopping List Is More Than a Time and Money Saver - It Is Your Roadmap To Health

Journal of Nutritional Education & Behavior: „People who consistently shop with a grocery list are less likely to buy items they don’t need, make healthier choices at the store and have a lower body mass index.“

Journal of Obesity & Related Metabolic Diorders: „The component most responsible for weight loss success is the provision of highly structured meal plans and grocery lists“

Make One 30-Minute Trip to the Store to
Buy Exactly What You Need (And Use
Everything You Buy)

Your Personalized Shopping List includes the exact amount of every item you need…

And it’s interactive, so you can remove anything you already have and add extras (like paper towels).

You won’t need to make extra trips to the store… or estimate portions while you’re there. You’ll always buy enough food (and never too much). This alone can practically eliminate food waste!

But we go the extra mile to help you buy less and make more from your trips to the store…

Let me explain…

One of the biggest reasons for wasted produce is a
lack of “overlap” in recipes.

You might cut half a red onion tonight and half a white onion tomorrow. You need fresh basil on Tuesday and cilantro on Wednesday. One dish calls for spinach, while another calls for arugula.

The leftover bits and bunches go back in the fridge. And quite often, their grand debut is in the compost bin… rather than your dinner table!

That’s why I developed a feature, called Fresh Fusion…

When you find a menu you love, you can easily see a list of “complimentary” menus (and the percentage of perishable ingredients that overlap).

Add these to your plan to enjoy a wide variety of meals… using the fewest ingredients!

That means a shorter shopping list... less time at the store… and less wasted food!

With Meal Genius, you will have a tasty purpose for every ingredient. Every dollar goes toward nourishing foods you’re going to eat… and love!

Now, you’re about to see some of the mouthwatering menus you will enjoy.

But first, it’s critical you understand…

Why You Should NOT Trust
Your Taste Buds to Just Anyone…

Have you ever checked a meal plan, only to discover they have no understanding of health and nutrition… or they simply don’t care?

This is surprisingly common, even among so-called “health” websites…

For example, promotes a “Satisfying Meal Plan Full of Fat-Burning Foods.”

Some of the “foods” they recommend include, artificial cheese, ice cream sandwiches, marshmallows, brown sugar, chemical sweeteners, pasta, sugar-packed sorbet, mercury-laden tuna and nitrite-cured processed meats!

A better name for this meal plan might be… Cultivating Cancer with Every Bite… Eating Your Way to Alzheimer’s… or Meals to Make You Fat & Depressed.

Or, consider the “Meal Plan to Outsmart Diabetes” peddled by Prevention. It includes bagels with fruit spread, granola, wheat toast, English muffins, pasta, corn tortillas and vanilla wafers!

I guess they didn’t get the memo (or read the studies) that these foods are HIGHEST on the glycemic index. A diet like this actually PROMOTES diabetes!

With this in mind, you’ll be glad to know that…

At Meal Genius Your Health is Our #1 Concern!